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How A Website Development Company Can Help with eCommerce

Posted on Jan 17, 2023 by Admin | 7 minutes

Are you thinking about delving into the eCommerce sector? Great! Because eCommerce has become one of the most promising business prospects in the contemporary era. During COVID-19, it was one of the best ways for businesses to stay operational while everyone stayed safe in their homes. Perhaps, a major reason why the eCommerce sector has elevated drastically is due to the online marketing landscape.

One thing is for sure: There's no eCommerce without a website. However, designing and hosting a website can be quite a hassle, and it can be time-consuming as well. Nobody has that much time. So, how can one go through with it? Easy, through WordPress development. Let us elaborate on why working with a website development company specializing in WordPress can do wonders for you.

The Prospect of Online Shopping

Before we delve further into the eCommerce landscape, let us highlight why it's booming. Experts suggest that the world of marketing has evolved; traditional marketing is no longer effective as it used to be. Now, there is massive competition between businesses when it comes to sales, marketing, and branding.

According to a survey by Tech Crunch, 80% of consumers are considering online shopping. On the other hand, Forbes reports that over 82% of them search for products and services online. So, it's not surprising that several budding entrepreneurs are jumping on this bandwagon daily. Therefore,  you not only need a website development company, but you also need an agency that does everything. Whether it's marketing, website development, or any other digital marketing tactic – there's nothing that American Web Developers can't do!

American Web Developers is a US-based PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Design Agency that provides its clients with quality web development services for their businesses. While we have several areas of expertise, WordPress development is our forte. So let's take a look at what we offer and how it can benefit your business.

Our WordPress Development Services

Among all types of marketing, digital marketing is the most advanced and cost-effective. In addition, it holds the title of 'constructive marketing' as it is traceable and measurable. This means that you can change your strategies if they are not working for you at any time. Almost all businesses are opting for digital marketing now, but many are unable to choose the best service providers for their business.

We aim to connect businesses to their potential clients through our services. Success is not something to be achieved in a day. Thus, we work persistently and build a strong base for your business to grow as a corporation.

We know you are here because you want to explore your options rather than go for the first one in line. Many people and businesses still do not know much about WordPress and how it can benefit their business. It doesn't matter if you are new to this; you can rely on us for your web development needs.

Why is WordPress an Option for You?

WordPress is a popular name among all other platforms and site builders because of its flexibility and versatility. Here are some reasons why it can be perfect for your web development:


The Most Trusted Platform

Did you know that according to W3tech, 24.8% of websites are built on WordPress? This means that it holds a total of 58.8% market share in the content management system. WordPress is considered the most trusted platform for all kinds of businesses. In addition, it has various options, making it stand out from the crowd.

Open-Source Platform

WordPress is free to download and an open-source platform that was introduced in 2003. It caters to your business needs and provides you with access to everything you need to design your website with affordable plans. Further, it supports all kinds of media, including images, audio, videos, and documents, that make communication more productive and builds an understanding between you and your clients.

At first, WordPress was designed for blogging purposes. Still, it became the most popular platform for building websites of all kinds, including e-commerce sites, rating sites, forums, non-profit websites, business directories, chatrooms, galleries, portfolios, and membership sites.

Multiple Options for Themes  

A variety of themes and plug-ins are available to make your website presentable and appealing. Moreover, WordPress Business has built-in Jetpack essentials such as advanced SEO tools, reliable statistics, and improved site search.

Choosing a platform for your business's growth means taking a risk regarding the security of your data, but this is not the case with WordPress. Automated real-time backups, spam filtering, and dependable hosting servers are best for choosing WordPress.

Marketing Ease

Monetizing has been made easy through advanced monetizing tools like simple payment options and Word Ads. You can opt for a complete e-commerce experience with WooCommerce. It has always been a difficult step when it comes to finding a developer. WordPress has made things easier and more comfortable, unlike other hard-coded websites.

A Reliable Platform

There is so much about WordPress that makes it a reliable platform. So American Web Developers intends to provide you with the best services in this regard. Nowadays, all businesses hire digital marketing agencies to attain services like web development, branding, marketing, and designing. A lousy encounter can cost you a lot, so it is always better to go for trustworthy service providers.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

Understanding Requirements

A digital marketing agency can understand your requirements and ensure you get your desired outcome. It is their job to analyze what techniques and services will function for your business and efficiently deliver your message to your target audience. So you don't have to worry about anything.

Cost-Effective Solution

Setting up an in-house marketing team is a lot of work. If you are a small business, it may be troublesome for you to hire a bunch of experts who know marketing trends and can cater to your business's needs. Further, hiring a whole team could cost a fortune. You don't want to stretch your budgets and risk the survival of your business in the long run. This is why outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency seems to be the most reasonable option.  

Quality Over Quantity

Choosing a digital marketing agency for your firm's branding and marketing is the most effective way to reach your target audience. With the help of quality content and advanced techniques, a digital marketing agency can help you accelerate your firm's growth. After all, they know what works, especially with WordPress-based websites.

Why Work with American Web Developers?

American Web Developers is your one-stop shop for all web development and digital marketing needs. We know how much you value perfection and excellence, and our main goal is to build your online presence in ways that make it easy for you to surpass all your competitors.

We have qualified professionals and experts who know the market and understand the competition that you are stepping into. Our team of experienced professionals is what makes us unique and reliable. Choosing us will give you a positive experience and exposure to marketing options that can help you grow your business. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction, and with our efficient customer support, we make sure that our services meet the client's requirements at any cost. 

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