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Why Logo and Branding Might Be the Two Keys to The Success of Your Business!

Posted on Oct 14, 2022 by Admin | 5 minutes

Golden Arches. Four interlocking rings. Colonel Sanders. What do these three things have in common? These are examples of excellent logo and branding strategies by their respective brands. McDonald's is known worldwide by the Golden M. The four rings of Audi speak of elegance and quality. Colonel Sanders is synonymous with Fast Food.

In each case, it's plain to see the impact a good branding strategy and a logo can have on your business. If you're starting a business, you need a good logo and effective branding. You might be a little confused, but don't fret. We're here to tell you all you need to know about them. Let's get started.

Logo And Branding: What Are Those?

Before we begin, we need to explore what these two even mean. The logo is the symbol of your brand. It is the face of the company and its image. You want your audience to know you by it. So, make sure it represents your business well. It should be distinctive and recognizable. Going overboard can make it seem cumbersome. Think of Nike's Swish. It's simple yet known across the world.

The logo is you. The logo is your company. Since it is such an important part of the brand identity, you don't want to neglect it. The best logos are those that the customers never forget. So, let that guide you. Because your logo is your identifier, make sure it is inviting.

Branding is the strategy that you will use to market your company. A brand is not just about a company. It is also all about what the company represents. Branding separates a company from its competition. That's why a cornerstone of marketing and why you can't afford to miss out on it.

Logo and branding taken together make up the identity of your company. It may be possible that you're selling computers. Make your identity that of a tech wiz. Perhaps you're selling home décor. You want your company to be warm and stylish.

Think of it as a puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle must connect with the other seamlessly. The logo should complement the brand and the business. However, what exactly is the difference between the two?

Is There A Difference Between The Two?

Contrary to what most think, they are not the same. While they work together and must complement each other, their functions differ. A logo is a trademarked visual element of the company. It is supposed to be a simple and timeless emblem that identifies your business.

On the other hand, branding differs based on what it does for you. Your branding is how you position the company in the minds of your customers. It builds up your reputation and includes the customer experience. It's larger in scope compared to logos but important nonetheless.

Why Does A Unique Logo And Branding Matter?

You must be wondering what the fuss is all about. A logo is just a picture, and branding is just marketing, right? Well, not quite. Logo and branding matter because they pave the way for your company's future. This is because they set your identity. And identity matters.

They can elevate your brand and make it known across borders if done properly. A company's name has to be catchy so that it can be memorable. But it can't be catchy in every language, however. A logo, on the other hand, transcends beyond language barriers. If you plan to expand, invest in a good logo. This is because you won't be tied down to semantics.

Branding is especially interesting in today's world. Companies are sprouting up a dime a dozen. Regardless of what you're selling, there's probably another guy selling the same thing. You want to set yourself apart, right? Branding is what distinguishes you.

Branding makes up a huge chunk of the customer experience. A hamburger from a street vendor and one from an international fast-food chain might taste the same, but they are not. For the customers, the two are different. This is because of their branding.

What You Can Expect With An Excellent Logo And Branding

A good mix of branding and the logo to along would make your company set itself apart. It would help you do business internationally. It would also make your customers recognize you and keep coming back for more.

These days, when competition is rife, your brand needs to speak out. It needs to have a voice of its own so that it can prosper. Your business might be doing good. But it can do even better with a decent logo and credible branding. This is because they connect with customers at a deeper level.

Here's What You'll Need

If you are convinced, you may be wondering where you can get a good logo made. You might also be looking for advice on how to position your brand. Contact our experts at American Web Developers. Our marketers are professionally trained to develop an exciting logo and branding for you. Take the next step and elevate your brand. Talk to us TODAY! 

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